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Book Cover Drinking the Waters at the Shores of Hell

Come with me through America’s turbulent 1960’s in a Seattle suburb, before my parent’s exile takes us to remote Kodiak Island, Alaska – rebuilding, after 1964’s quake and tidal waves flattened it.

After wilderness adventures at gunpoint while commercial salmon fishing, escaping to the urban wilds of early-80’s Los Angeles seemed a logical step for my brand-new, adult self. And then…

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Episodic Animation

Pete Hernandez Eyes

“The Night Stocker”
Ensemble Workplace Comedy

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“Drinking the Waters at the Shores of Hell”

Live-Action Feature Script

My Fake Boyfriend Price Tag

“My Fake Boyfriend”
Romantic Comedy

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Three Top Secret documents
A display of three docments marked so they aren’t accidently read.


We build social structures that test our failings in the hope we will overcome them. And we hope that the…


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