If You Only Knew


Watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial this week, and thinking.
As Reddit posts cathartic stories of intimate partner abuse suffered in silence, I find myself thinking of a historical-fiction story I read as a kid. Called “Top of the World,” it was about the day-to-day life of Arctic Eskimos.
One story within the story was how to catch a wolf. Bury the hilt of a very sharp knife in the ice, so it’s frozen solid. Spill some body-warmed animal blood you’ve brought, onto the blade, then withdraw.
The wolf will be attracted to the blood and start licking. He’s cutting his tongue, but he’s so excited by the new, fresh blood, he keeps licking.
Raw greed makes him cut his tongue and mouth into ribbons. He won’t get far before bleeding out, – leaving a handsome, useful hide undamaged, and ready to be harvested.




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