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Congratulations to Latino Media Network’s Jess Morales Rocketto and Stephanie Valencia

I’ve read with glee that two women are launching Latino Media Network with 80 million in startup money to work with. The press release says they’ve “acquired 18 Hispanic radio stations across ten markets from Televisa Univision.”
My hope is that they kick some ass.
I’d been watching cross-markets develop while still a lowly assistant avid editor around LA. I had a stack of PDF’d articles proving what the potential viewers were worth. In 1998, I pitched my show idea to two production companies I worked for – whom I may name later.
“Oh, well,” harumphed Company A, “the Latin market. Yeah, no one really knows it, they’re so spread out, can’t get a demographic on them.”
What do you think Company B yawned in response to my pitch? “Oh, the Latin market. They’re too urban, can’t really get a broad base to market to.” Again, I was pushed to the door. Not because my writing was off – it was not – but while these two sets of older male warblers had no idea what they were talking about, their gatekeeping game was tight.
I may be female and what one friend has dubbed Overly Anglo; perhaps why my pitch to a Latino production company was met with bewilderment – is she lost? – but I was not going to let my show idea rot. And I had backup. Once you write characters, they just park their round butts right between your temple and your pillow, with plenty to say.
I kept trying and eventually a WGA-credited writer hip-pocketed me with his agent. Success was ours? Nope. 2008 hit, and our meetings did not.
Reading of Morales Rocketto and Valencia starting with a focus on radio just gives me maximum happies for their media venture. Thanks to Sara Fischer of Axios Media Trends for a terrific article.

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