California Billion Dollar Lottery

Feeling Lucky?

There’s events that offer a good, long look in the mirror. Well, in truth, those are constant – everything from “I could just eat this last little bit” to “Just a tad over the speed limit but Reasons!…”

Ahead lies the moment with The Church of the Bathroom Mirror. It can be very interesting to see how this reconciliation plays out with oneself. Is one’s reflection defiant? “My Dad did this to me, so I can act the same towards my son?” “Could I have said something regarding that bully I saw at work today? Or is it enough that my friends and I talked about it, and we will really report it, next time?”

I think we all fail at the bathroom mirror. It’s probably more important to see how we fail, and why. And what does that mean, going forward.

Today there’s a gigantic win possible in the Lottery. Unprecedented. Over a billion dollars to get. It’s possible a single person could win the whole prize. More likely that several (or hundreds) of people have chosen the same winning numbers and will split the prize.

As a rule I never “do” lotteries. I view them as a tax on the luckless and hard-done-by. The few times I have “played,” I’ve forgotten to check my ticket to see if it won anything. I doubt winning would be good for my soul, because the emotions it stirs up in me aren’t ones I’m proud of. At the same time, the idea of sitting in a dentist’s chair and waving my hand and saying “Fix everything,” can carry me away.

So, here I sit, in contemplation of this day’s fork in the road. Should I stay seated, or should I go to the corner store and take a chance?

Update: There’s a saying “Virtue in all things. Including moderation.” I bought two tickets and won a free one. Endured the looks from clerks at the two places I went. Dusts hands. Hopefully didn’t awaken any sleeping dragons.





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