Miss Anne Heche

Miss Anne Heche as "Ames" in the 1997 political satire "Wag teh Dog"
Anne Heche as Ames in “Wag the Dog”

I’m always trying to get people to watch one of my all-time favorite movies, “Wag the Dog.” That it’s a pre-2000 movie is astounding, as it’s still fresh and relevant. The 1997 production was tailored, then sewn up over a fast 28 shooting days by the producing team of Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal, and stars so many hey-wait-a-sec people in wonderful performances. But one of my favorites is Anne Heche, as Ames. Anne’s done that too-rare thing I love, which is give Ames a back story.

I’d read that the character was to have been a man, but that Anne wanted to play it. I can’t picture a man in the role -Anne is Ames. She’s wonderfully made up and costumed, as they all are; beautifully photographed and completely believable.

Defending America – Wag the Dog

Ames is a complicated White House flack who does their job well but now has to turn on a dime to face an new, old challenge. No spoilers outta me. Watch this instead.

“What do you have against the Electoral College” she’s asked. “They ruined the voting process” she spits, with all the venom a product from a genteel, elite college would have.

When I think of her onscreen performances, I’ll always think of this immaculate art. Truely exceptional

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