Prince Harry with a dog


Watching the British royals and their ceremonies now that Queen Elizabeth has passed. A lot of tsk-ing and judgement over Charles’ irritation at a too-small table and an unweildly inkstand – a gift from Harry and William, it was said once and then never again. I watched this man struggling with things and wondered when he’d last had a glass of water. Or how much he’d slept. Just people.

And in the days after, that’s come into focus: they’re just people. Sure you can have a secret ceremony under the blankets, as Queen Elizabeth did during her coronation. There’s jewels that you can’t do anything with because they beling to the people, while all your own stuff is handled by others and did they wash their hands? Royalty is a fun game of dress-up but in the end – people.

People are showing a less-edited face to the new King in these new days. How much was that, who does it really belong to and whose money bought it?

Diana’s sons got a seemingly permanent pass because who can forget those tiny boys walking behind their mother’s coffin on parade. But even William on his last international on the clock trip, got more teeth than smile from a governed people who are rethinking the whole deal. There will be new conversations and new deals.

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