Vintage Globe


Turns out, one of the United States most vocal about refusing to help other states is themselves needing help this week.

Of course, sane people aren’t going to look at flat, sanded pavement where a thriving community once stood, and say “Not my problem.” Where the hell to start is the problem. Hard to rebuild what’s been wiped clean. Meanwhile, people are shocked, injured and hungry.

We call this collective the United States. We’ve used the label for some time now. What it refers to is louder than selfish seeking more selfishness, or tandem ideologies learned from dubious sources. There are many paths out of this crisis. Don’t be led astray.

Building at sea level was fine. Then, what we call “sea-level” rose and has kept rising. I think of a desktop globe and its reassurring but false sameness. Our planet’s a living thing; by classification, not much given to consistency. We’ll need new globes showing state’s outlines and bays as sea-level keeps rising. Right now we need shelter, medicine, food and water for our other living beings. The government I support with voice and vote will supply this.

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