An Attitude of Gratitude

My reason for this post is thinking about the phrase, “I have an attitude of gratitude.” It’s a good reminder; a reset that comes from 12-step programs.

August of 2020… it feels like lockdown life will never end. I decide, if we’re going to be cooped up, I’ll take the plunge and look online for a rescue kitty.

I picture finding one of the same type as my long-departed and dear friend, sometimes known as the Fur-Covered Purr. Instead, the cat I feel the jump of recognition at is a small, senior calico. As Fate would have it, this fur-person’s also a considerable distance away, at the SPCA shelter in Long Beach just north of LA’s major shipping port. Oh, no.

The Port of Los Angeles is its own world. It’s easy to know what lane the big trucks will push into, as it’s exactly where I and my subcompact are traveling. My mothballed driving skills have me fearful… I look at the database again. Are you sure? Kitty’s photo stares back at me. Yes, of course, now come down here and get me.

Everything’s still No Contact, so our meeting is – I pull up, and a carrier with Kitty is bowled into the passenger footwell of my car. I trade the cheerful staff a nearly-identical carrier I’d brought. “Let us know if there’s a problem!” they wave, but I’d already learned, Kitty’d twice been abused, then returned. Currently, she’d been in this no-kill facility five months. There isn’t going to be any problem that will put her back in a cage. Kitty’s my cat now and I’ll re-name her.

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