paver's stamp into once-raw concrete, dated 1928


An upset with my Internet provider led to a fracas this week. In the textured absence of Reddit and Miss Manners, I got a lot done. I am well-acquainted with the magic of the dark status lights on my modem- its how I make my daily writing targets. But to have it off during “my time” when I read about the world and its daily soap opera, left a big gap.

The Internet’s like a cigarette with a syllabus – once the addiction’s established a neural network forms and will have nothing else other than what it’s wired for.

Today we had a well-mannered rain, that did not come down in the more common torrents that frighten Smöl and make her stare at the ceiling, where demons gallop. An alarming amount of email had piled over very few days. Buried in the links to online seminars were queries from my friend, who’s lobbing questions as they move to their first Mac.

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