Christmas 2022


2022’s Christmas Tree is six days old and as of this writing, the person most likely to re-decorate it – my kitty, Smöl – has not even gazed longingly at it.

Smöl is using the chilly day to have her afternoon nap in the flannel sheets and blankets. Had I not seen her tail disappearing into the nest, I wouldn’t know where she is.

It’s our third holiday together since I got her five-year-old self from the pound during lockdown. Every month, more and more of her personality comes out.

Blurry, Purry and waiting for her moment. Christmas 2022

Still. Is she merely lulling me into a false sense of security?

Anyone care to place a bet on it lasting until the first week of January?

While a half-height tree doesn’t allow me to empty out the boxes of wooden Charlie Brown ornaments I painted mumble – decades ago, seeing them amid the glowing icicles is cheering and comforting.

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