Ukraine President Volodomir Zelenskyy addresses Congress 2022-12-21

“How Old Are You?”

In the movie “Almost Famous” the groupie and the fledging journalist attempt a taboo topic – finding out how old the other person is. I haven’t seen it for a long while but the two seesaw downward until the groupie says “The truth just sounds different.” The boy immediately says he’s a year younger still.

Nice opportunity tonight to see Ukraine President Zelenskyy speak to an assembly in the White House. Politicans tend to be these poorly cut-out figures glued to the popsicle sticks of their financial backers, so it’s an interesting contrast to listen to someone who leads by putting his fellow countrymen first. And listening to his speech – the truth does sound different.

A PR masterstroke by the White House to stage this right before the holiday break.

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