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Show Biz Kids

I’ve been watching a certain celebrity’s child stuggle to do their own thing; step completely away from their parent’s fame. As their mother posts support, the kid – actually an adult – is blasted in online tabloids and loudly mocked for every misstep. I’m wondering how this will end.

Other stars have kids who continue the “family business” as Tom Hanks recently referred to his children’s stepping into his work. And truly, Tom’s son Colin seems born to it. Watching Jeff Bridges’ sensational career, his father Lloyd seems to fade into the background. Henry Fonda’s daughter Jane blazed a very different trail, which for decades treated acting as a side gig, while her brother Peter’s movie “Easy Rider” assured his daughter Bridget, she had a way in, if she wanted it.

Carrie Fisher, Marlo Thomas and Jamie Lee Curtis each had such famous parents, the young women had to crawl under the dropped curtain behind their elder’s spotlights, to make one of their own.

“…While the poor people sleepin, all the stars come out at night…””

“Show Biz Kids” Steeley Dan, 1973

“Nepo Baby!” the press and jealous actors jeer now; everyone wanting a piece of what they saw someone else get handed for free. Nepotism. But is it?

“…They got the shapely bodies… they got the Steeley Dan T-shirts…”

Paris Hilton swung out of limos like her purse was stuffed with Hilton cash, though she’s said it was not. Still, waving the famous name around didn’t hurt.

“Show biz kids makin’ movies of themselves and they don’t give a fuck about anybody else…”

I’ve stared at photos of Lisa Marie Presley through the years without seeing her, just her mother’s face and her father’s eyes. Imagine, that life-? The same dissecting stares from everyone, the same greedy questions about Famous Parent. I’m- we’re – part of the poison they drink.

I am also a person. Every kid wants to blaze their own path. And when they can’t? When the seas don’t part? What then?

They got the booze they need, all that money can buy.”

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