A Long Goodbye

President James “Jimmy” Carter

Preacher. President. Common man. Farmer. Jimmy Carter was all of these. The steadying hand behind “Habitat for Humanity,” Jimmy Carter believed in the power of good. I remember a time while he was a United States President, he was so sure he needed to confess to us – “I have lusted in my heart” he said. I’m not going to look up whatever that was that bothered his conscience; I trust him to have taken it to the place he could be absolved of it.

Despite growing up with some poor influences, I feel grateful I chose two men to admire who are widely held to be good. Ringo Starr is a person I’ve admired since I was four years old. Jimmy Carter is the other. I saw him and his family mocked for displaying the same values I learned were worthy while in Sunday School. His family held firm to what they knew was a right path.

I once wrote to President Carter c/o his Carter Center, to tell him I’d been able to do some volunteer work for Habitat. I wish I’d gotten one of the books he’s authored, from his Foundation. It’d mean a lot to have one now.

Since the news that he was receiving hospice care at home, I’ve refreshed my Reddit home page, waiting for the news that he’s moved on. No announcement, as of this post’s creation.

In my letter I’d thanked him for holding his lantern high enough to light the path behind him. I guess that’s the best we can do for each other.



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