Speak! Speak!

Had an unexpected conversation this week. Bear with me as I’m leaving the person’s name off. Might be the opposite of dramatic storytelling. We’ll find out how it fares, once I get to the end of it.

I’d expected a person to act in their own enlightened self-interest at an opportunity I told them about. And they did nothing.

Turns out, they hadn’t seen the whole picture. And more importantly, didn’t think of themselves as having power. And I was passive when I’d wanted action. Magical thinking, some would call that. Ruefully.

Do you use hindsight to realize you had power and hadn’t used it? Boy howdy, I’ve got lots – everything from Consent, to in-law drama – even to assuming a dealership’s Service Advisor would just do tasks that weren’t in writing? Later, I confidently pop the hood while fueling up and realize, the mechanic didn’t top off any of the fluids. Argh, ye bastids… A little lesson in who’s in charge and who wants the task completed. Power.

My car sitch, I can solve by making a work order before I take the car in. And the person I assume will magically grab an opportunity? My job’s to use words and persuasion, so they can say Yes or No.

-Still a pretty vague post, but I suspect after my visit to the Wayback Machine, there will be a sequel.


Wanted to mention my fellow Angelinos this week, smiling and being sweet. The bus driver recognized me and did a rogue pickup, rather than leave me to wait another half hour. Then a tech quietly untangling a corporate snafu, to smooth out my errand. What a nice planet… Hello, LA





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