Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

This week’s 95th Oscar™ Awards ceremony

Fun was had while watching the Oscar’s ceremony in wet Los Angeles this week. Bucking the traditional ignoring what audiences chose to see and enjoy, this year’s awards went to crowd-favorite stars, and their movies.

Quibbles remained – shouldn’t a Career Oscar be the proper award for Jamie Lee Curtis? What couldn’t be argued is it’s fun to see someone thanking their parents first, rather than their agents. Brendan Fraser and his pretty family were the award people wanted to have and they got it, along with his still-stunned thanks.

(Photo credit not captured) Brendan Fraser and his family watch as his Best Actor Oscar™ is engraved backstage.

We may have needed this happy parade of winners more than the people clutching shiny Oscar™ himself. I pictured the winners putting their statue to be the first thing they see, waking up.

Winners, winning. Left, Best Supporting Actor Ke Huy Quan, with Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh next to Brendan Fraser. I wish Jamie Lee Curtis’ parents could have seen their daughter win this award.
Brenden’s partner, the artist Jeanne Moore, finally with hairstyle and Cinderella dress I’ve been hoping to see during the previous awards. Roses and spotlights.
Best Actor 2023 winner Brendan Fraser in close-up with his Oscar and fighting happy tears
Feels like we won it with him, yes?

The ruckus on Reddit threads and elsewhere clamors for another Fraser-led adventure caper. My hope is something like 1998’s Gods and Monsters descends from A24’s heights to dazzle us, showcasing the versatile actor. – I can wait a bit.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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