Drying Out

How much does a gallon of water weigh? I wondered towards the Internet, who counters with, what temperature would said gallon be? Oh? OK then, I’ll use 8 pounds + change, for my number. Now to ponder how much heavier we are, after twelve waves of storms spawned over us. How does this weight affect Earth’s tectonic plates? My most science-y Friday Philosophy post yet.

Southern California has had rain, hail and a tornado this week alone. (Checking for links, I saw this new one!) People living in mountain areas feared collapsing roofs and becoming trapped in their homes. Gale-force winds forced Magic Mountain to close for two days. Axle-breaking potholes appear in streets that were previously smooth.

The utter madness of Monsoon Season 2023 is said to be ending around April. As journalists plump their portfolios with juicy stories, I think the rest of us are feeling a strong “We’ll See” about that.

Full to almost overflowing concrete chute for the LA River, flows in an elbow past Atwater Village in Los Angeles in an aerial shot
LA River: normally a concrete chute

Water elbowing its way down the LA River’s concrete banks has people grumbling again about a lack of reserviors to capture the bounty. If, as some say, this season is more than a one-off, opportunity is knocking.

Small photo illustration of green plants
ABC has good news for you!

December’s chart was something to look at in despair. Lookit – our wound’s healing!

Map of State of California showing drought conditions from December 2022 to March 2023. Strong red areas indicating severe drought are white, meaning water table's healed

Some public-service things:

  1. Tip out any standing water before mildew, mold and mosquitoes find your pool party and invite their friends.
  2. Be aware that water-filled pothole you plan to drive through may be deeper than you hope.
  3. Take a moment to smile at people. This has been scarier n’ hell. You have the power to lighten that load.
  4. Be kind to those who made through walls of water into work, thus keeping the ol’ metropolis humming.
  5. Not too late to change out those flapping windshield wipers. We all want to see you, seeing us, on the roads!

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