A Soft Yes

I’m out on a limb with my first book. (Have I mentioned my book? I wrote and published a book.) I get right into how the story’s gonna be told, right from Page 1.

That I’m surprised at some reader’s very strong reactions shows me, I’m still habituated to the story, and didn’t calibrate my ask. Additionally, while my initial group was varied, collectively, they aren’t the memoir-reading type.

Time to remember one of my own foundational quotes, this one from the late, comedy genius, Mr. Sam Kinison – “Move to where the food is.”
I edited out my next lines of text I’d written. Nothing can touch his young, bareheaded, vulnerable self, delivering comedy truths that launched his career.

Watch the smeared old video, and may it inspire you to click on a few more from the reformed preacher’s performances.
I also need to move to where the food is. Good advice.

Photo of a stack of three "Drinking the Waters at the Shores of Hell" books, lying on a floral carpet.

There’s an audience for every work, and there’s no shame in finding them.

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