Up or – up?

I learned how to put my book on sale on my Barnes & Noble page, so hey presto – it’s on sale for a bit. Need a quick edit to the BN page as my Category choices are making us land in some yummy yoga-mummy ghetto. Live & learn.

Also more learning about this here website, battling the always fresh question: Why in hell did that happen‽ Forgetting, how much I’ve learned and that large parts aren’t that bad.

Also been thinking about something I wrote for the Thanks section of my book – that I used the sword-arms of my detractors to pull myself up. That held more truth in it than I first realized.

One can get a lot of mileage out of a righteous rage, as I saw a friend do in early Spring of this year. But it’s just as effective to quietly plot one’s planned course, then, be surer of arriving at the planned destination. Hmm.

In other news, enjoying some telephone kindness this week from strangers, while a gift of always-popular cat-grass lands at my doorstep; tall and tender in its planter. Ready to be ralphed up, once kitteh Smöl Vidalia gets herself centered on my wool rug.

She sure loves that cat grass. And it’s only a rug.

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