FAA Camera view of Kodiak, AK Harbor with sun backlighting a creeping cloud bank

Hello, I’m glad you’re visiting my site!

About Me

I’m an artist & writer who moved around a bit as a kid, grew up in – or, on – Kodiak, Alaska, depending how you look at it – eventually, moving to Los Angeles & grabbing a front seat to the Northridge earthquake.
–Not much point in leaving after that!

I like stories, drawing, singing a song, Rescue Cats, & talented people.

I like these, too:

“Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

Malcolm X, probly quoting Alexander Hamilton

“When they close the door, go through the window”

Paramount Studio’s first female Head of Production, Dawn Steel Likely another quote.

“Whenever I think god is watching me, I sing and dance and do a commercial for myself”

Edith Ann, 5, friend & alter ego of
Lily Tomlin

What do you say?

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