When I distributed early printings of my book, I immediately lost some would-be Advance Readers. Two angrily told me they were “triggered.” Most said what they read made them cry. Many reported they had to lay the book down for a bit, but they came back to read it all.
And some are cheering – pretty loudly – that my book exists.
In or Out, believe it or not, I wrote it for all of us.

The persons trying their hardest to get me to quit, aren’t even in it. I wonder at their attempts to force their (now-former) friend to stop telling their own story?

“Can you at least leave a review saying, it was too tough to read, & you couldn’t finish it?” I asked.
“In Memoir-land, that’s such a good review, potential readers might think I made it up‽”

It took me years, writing bits & pieces, to learn how to sit in front of my story.
More time, to edit it together – while honing the iterations that became my cover art.

Research, to register art and text with the Copyright Office, & learn what the Library of Congress required.
The global lockdown of 2020, to force me to complete it.
Time, learning how to create this website (a galloping work in progress, as WordPress rolls out their own major re-design.) Money, for all the registrations; then, ordering, mailing, & tracking, my printed copies.
Bringing us to this moment.

Am I going to dump all of my work because some uninvolved person wants me to slink away, & write something/anything else‽
Not today, Satan.

ShoreMan: main graphic element used in book's cover design and chapter headings

This is the first time my story’s been in print. It’s got one Registered Copyright for my book, and a separate Copyright for my cover art.
One copy of my book is physically filed with the US Copyright Office. Another physical copy’s shelved within the Library of Congress.
I’ve succeeded. My story cannot die with me.

This book’s the truth-telling my Mother’d longed to do, but died before she owned her words. It’s a very big deal to both of us & I know, she’s proud of me.

If I might share one takeaway from a major success like publishing a memoir, its: do it while your supporters are still alive to celebrate with you.
A roomful of ghosts ain’t the same.

Here’s a tasty chunk, carved from my book, for you. Unlike a movie trailer, it’s not even remotely all the exciting parts.
I’ve screencapped the entire Table of Contents, so you can see what my story covers.

What happens next? That’s your journey, isn’t it?

I pretty happily loathe “Donate” buttons on every single damn thing, every damn where!
But, people do ask, & micropayments are the way things ‘r done now.
Can’t deny it’d be helpful if you do.
Or, if you’re worried I’ll spend the stack of cash on chocolate, use the Gift! prompt up top.
That’ll help fund this website.
(Narrator: she would spend it on chocolate)


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