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  • Charge Your Phones, Humans!

    Charge Your Phones, Humans!

    It’s CTNX time. The Creative Talent Network’s Animation shindig started today. Photos and fun will be had at the Burbank Marriott until Saturday evening, when whatever’s left over is packed up. It’s also a terrific opportunity to support artists by buying their art. Dare I say it’ll make a lovely and unique gift? I helped […]

  • The Growing Place

    That’s what Los Angeles is for me. I’ve always wanted to grow my own food. I was seven when I planted some radishes at my family home. We moved before I got to see if they sprouted. When I got my own garden in SoCal, I was thrilled to buy young tomato, peppers and basil […]

  • Home, Again

    Home, Again

    I used to love to wander LACMA. Increasingly, I was drawn to the gallery displaying are from India. The room was dimly lit, making the walls recede. Their may have been music playing – it doesn’t seem like it was quiet. I loved the statues and walking under a recovered archway. It felt like I […]

  • Feeling Lucky?

    Feeling Lucky?

    There’s events that offer a good, long look in the mirror. Well, in truth, those are constant – everything from “I could just eat this last little bit” to “Just a tad over the speed limit but Reasons!…” Ahead lies the moment with The Church of the Bathroom Mirror. It can be very interesting to […]