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  • Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

    This week’s 95th Oscar™ Awards ceremony Fun was had while watching the Oscar’s ceremony in wet Los Angeles this week. Bucking the traditional ignoring what audiences chose to see and enjoy, this year’s awards went to crowd-favorite stars, and their movies. Quibbles remained – shouldn’t a Career Oscar be the proper award for Jamie Lee…

  • Speak! Speak!

    Speak! Speak!

    So Much blue Sky

  • Ginkgo Balboa

    Ginkgo Balboa

    I really like the music this band creates and just heard their latest “On the Beach with my Lover.” Led to me putting their playlist on Repeat.

  • Congratulations Oscar Nominees!

    What’s interesting about this year’s Nominees list is the number of character-driven movies one might enjoy watching. Writers Bret Lang and Jordan Moreau wrote Variety’s lead story everyone’s been waiting to see, as earlier awards inferred. There’s also Brendan Fraser, a former action star whose career was derailed by health issues and personal struggles, but…