• Hurrah for WP!

    Hurrah for WP!

    V V happy to see WP officially leaving the rat-king that Twitter’s become. As word of Bluesky’s interface got more detailed, I was initially amused that former Twitter head Jack Dorsey, apparently hadn’t gotten a Non-Compete as a parting gift. Then I learned, Twitter initially funded his new brand. Not even a possible “look and…

  • RIP Al Jaffee – Renegade Artist

    RIP Al Jaffee – Renegade Artist

    What I knew about Cracked and Mad Magazines is that I was too young for them. Our playmates had an older brother who had stacks of them, and I’d sneak to a corner to read them. I learned about Spy vs. Spy and read the cartoon features about subjects like the Insurance Industry – “When…

  • Hi Ho! It’s Your Old Pal, RSS

    Hi Ho! It’s Your Old Pal, RSS

    Remember me‽ We went to school together! I sat in the margin of your email app and, oh, the funs we had. You’d click on links and we’d laugh and laugh.

  • Batter & Squeeze

    Batter & Squeeze

    What in hell do you suppose happened to these quarters? Vending machine pummeling? Abandoned art project? Temper fit? Maybe, they were supposed to be taken out of circulation, and someone handed me the wrong roll-? Or is this just Life, as a Quarter? The quarters were in an immaculately-wrapped roll I purchased from my bank.…

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