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  • Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

    This week’s 95th Oscar™ Awards ceremony Fun was had while watching the Oscar’s ceremony in wet Los Angeles this week. Bucking the traditional ignoring what audiences chose to see and enjoy, this year’s awards went to crowd-favorite stars, and their movies. Quibbles remained – shouldn’t a Career Oscar be the proper award for Jamie Lee…

  • Speak! Speak!

    Speak! Speak!

    So Much blue Sky

  • Batter & Squeeze

    Batter & Squeeze

    What in hell do you suppose happened to these quarters? Vending machine pummeling? Abandoned art project? Temper fit? Maybe, they were supposed to be taken out of circulation, and someone handed me the wrong roll-? Or is this just Life, as a Quarter? The quarters were in an immaculately-wrapped roll I purchased from my bank.…

  • Message, Delivered

    The Women Who Were Heard Producer and onetime MiraMax studio head Harvey Weinstein had so much power in moviemaking he made his own weather. In partnership with his brother Bob, the two ran MiraMax, a studio named after their parents. The Weinstein Company was a later iteration. With power to approve “greenlight” scripts that transformed…