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  • A Long Goodbye

    A Long Goodbye

    Some thoughts on US President James “Jimmy” Carter

  • To be known by one’s actions

    Debated whether this should be a topic, as I like this space to be lighter in tone. But as long as people are throwing the christian bible around, let me offer up “By their fruits shall ye know them” and by “them” I mean, the American government’s response to the Ohio derailment. I wonder why…

  • To Gird One’s Loins

    To Gird One’s Loins

    Interesting saying. Know what it means? “Gird” as in girdle. For the toga-wearing set, the flowing robes normally let the breezes waft in and a very pleasant state of being dressed was enjoyed. When conflict escalated to Go Time, a person folded their toga by stuffing it front to back between their legs, and divided…

  • ?

    What needs to happen to remind people who’ve hoarded more than they need, that they have a place in the world? What would keep them from becoming so disconnected?