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  • Feeling Lucky?

    Feeling Lucky?

    There’s events that offer a good, long look in the mirror. Well, in truth, those are constant – everything from “I could just eat this last little bit” to “Just a tad over the speed limit but Reasons!…” Ahead lies the moment with The Church of the Bathroom Mirror. It can be very interesting to […]

  • Gloomy? Try This

    Gloomy? Try This

    After several surgeries, I was pretty gloomy in 2012. Thanks to a criminally bad doctor writing a letter without my permission or knowledge, I’d just lost my job. I was struggling with adjusting to my second set of after-market parts installed where I used to have bones, a gigantic red scar, and the aftermath of […]

  • This is OK

    This is OK

    “I feel scared” I said last night to an acquaintance. I backed up to allow a wider gap between us, as I wasn’t wearing my N95 mask I’d had on earlier. The person nodded in understanding. “I’ve seen news reports of an uptick in Covid cases” they said reassuringly. After I was safely back in […]

  • Hank Green Says It Best

    Hank Green Says It Best

    A day to quietly marvel at what we didn’t know