Category: Philosophy

  • Auctions


    I’ve got friends who are nuts about auctions. They’re also good at keeping their favorites secret. I end up cruising swap meets big and small, or browsing a favorite vintage store or two. I discovered this week that small-time auctions have moved online. My search for a secondhand, non-stolen ladies’ bike netted me a folder […]

  • Fork/Done


    This seems a bit curmudgeonly in tone, but it’s been on my mind for several days. Sometimes events throw a new light. It’s especially welcome when sunk cost fallacies are illuminated. As the cooks said in the kitchen I worked in; “Put a fork in it. It’s done. “

  • The Growing Place

    That’s what Los Angeles is for me. I’ve always wanted to grow my own food. I was seven when I planted some radishes at my family home. We moved before I got to see if they sprouted. When I got my own garden in SoCal, I was thrilled to buy young tomato, peppers and basil […]

  • Home, Again

    Home, Again

    I used to love to wander LACMA. Increasingly, I was drawn to the gallery displaying are from India. The room was dimly lit, making the walls recede. Their may have been music playing – it doesn’t seem like it was quiet. I loved the statues and walking under a recovered archway. It felt like I […]