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  • Wolves


    Watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial this week, and thinking.As Reddit posts cathartic stories of intimate partner abuse suffered in silence, I find myself thinking of a historical-fiction story I read as a kid. Called “Top of the World,” it was about the day-to-day life of Arctic Eskimos.One story within the story was how to […]

  • So, here we are…

    So, here we are…

    Minding our own business, and the afternoon wind comes up. It’s been cool all week, cool enough to keep the flannel sheets and put off bathing the cat. Today’s wind is from the East and that will bring change. Sure enough. The heat will return, soon.

  • So, That Happened

    So, That Happened

    No one disputes it – two years of Life, Interrupted – sucked. I’d sit home, fantasizing about favorite restaurants while feeling horrified at how close the people around me-in-the-past were sitting, as meansured by my new Covid yardstick. Or, I’d picture myself on the train, and wonder how I could keep a safe space around […]

  • Spoiler Alert: This Won’t Work

    Spoiler Alert: This Won’t Work

    Angelenos may recognize this as Fairfax, just north of Wilshire. The Parc La Brea bungalows are just behind me, along with some other clues that this artist lived here. There’s flower pots on the doorstep of the bungalow, artfully painted with these same wide brush strokes. Inside this curbed box marked “Free” in red, are […]