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Category: Philosophy

  • Listening


    Podcasts are my dream come true. One’s own personal radio station! That hypnotizing buzz of charged air around the microphone; that ability to weave a world for a listener. It’s not quite the immediacy of the guy who’d call my 1980’s FM rock show every week to request AC/DC’s “Back in Black” – but ya […]

  • School


    When I was in Elementary school, the biggest concern our teachers had was that we were “sneaking” cinnamon toothpicks into class. The cinnamon oil was bought from the pharmacist at the drug store – a tiny, flat-sided bottle with an even smaller mouth. We’d jam in a dozen or so beige wooden toothpicks and leave […]

  • Gone


    Earlier this week, there was a video on Reddit from Portland. The Oregon city also known by its airport designation, PDX. I’m not linking it here. The videographer seems to have been a diner seated next to a restaurant window – but has jumped up and backwards to record a man on the outside of […]

  • Wolves


    Watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial this week, and thinking.As Reddit posts cathartic stories of intimate partner abuse suffered in silence, I find myself thinking of a historical-fiction story I read as a kid. Called “Top of the World,” it was about the day-to-day life of Arctic Eskimos.One story within the story was how to […]