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  • A Long Goodbye

    A Long Goodbye

    Some thoughts on US President James “Jimmy” Carter

  • To be known by one’s actions

    Debated whether this should be a topic, as I like this space to be lighter in tone. But as long as people are throwing the christian bible around, let me offer up “By their fruits shall ye know them” and by “them” I mean, the American government’s response to the Ohio derailment. I wonder why…

  • “How Old Are You?”

    “How Old Are You?”

    In the movie “Almost Famous” the groupie and the fledging journalist attempt a taboo topic – finding out how old the other person is. I haven’t seen it for a long while but the two seesaw downward until the groupie says “The truth just sounds different.” The boy immediately says he’s a year younger still.…

  • Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Image by Axborn for Gizmodo (See Original Article) Reading up on Mastodon today. We computer types keep learning and relearning interfaces. ICQ? AOL, anyone? I remember the dizzying possibility of worlds behind each banner of the AOL homepage, and the now-famous “Welcome!…” This was mainly how we learned, the volume on our modern mini desktop…