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  • Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Image by Axborn for Gizmodo (See Original Article) Reading up on Mastodon today. We computer types keep learning and relearning interfaces. ICQ? AOL, anyone? I remember the dizzying possibility of worlds behind each banner of the AOL homepage, and the now-famous “Welcome!…” This was mainly how we learned, the volume on our modern mini desktop […]

  • Home, Again

    Home, Again

    I used to love to wander LACMA. Increasingly, I was drawn to the gallery displaying are from India. The room was dimly lit, making the walls recede. Their may have been music playing – it doesn’t seem like it was quiet. I loved the statues and walking under a recovered archway. It felt like I […]

  • School


    When I was in Elementary school, the biggest concern our teachers had was that we were “sneaking” cinnamon toothpicks into class. The cinnamon oil was bought from the pharmacist at the drug store – a tiny, flat-sided bottle with an even smaller mouth. We’d jam in a dozen or so beige wooden toothpicks and leave […]