• MIA Friday Post explained

    Missed my Friday post last week. The reason was not the minor surgery, but the people-complication/abdication, that put me in a very dangerous place. The details are a snore but the lesson – people are more important than they give themselves credit for – deserves some air time. Please don’t bail! I keep erasing the […]

  • Restraint


    2022’s Christmas Tree is six days old and as of this writing, the person most likely to re-decorate it – my kitty, Smöl – has not even gazed longingly at it. Smöl is using the chilly day to have her afternoon nap in the flannel sheets and blankets. Had I not seen her tail disappearing […]

  • Offline


    An upset with my Internet provider led to a fracas this week. In the textured absence of Reddit and Miss Manners, I got a lot done. I am well-acquainted with the magic of the dark status lights on my modem- its how I make my daily writing targets. But to have it off during “my […]

  • An Attitude of Gratitude

    My reason for this post is thinking about the phrase, “I have an attitude of gratitude.” It’s a good reminder; a reset that comes from 12-step programs. This year, I’m grateful to have the company of the Smöl Meow, a seven year old Calico cat-person, who came to live with me two and a half […]

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