• Show Biz Kids

    Show Biz Kids

    I’ve been watching a certain celebrity’s child stuggle to do their own thing; step completely away from their parent’s fame. As their mother posts support, the kid – actually an adult – is blasted in online tabloids and loudly mocked for every misstep. I’m wondering how this will end. Other stars have kids who continue…

  • The Company We Keep

    The Company We Keep

    Something said when I was young “You’ll be known by the company you keep.” This could be praise or caution, depending on what I was doing. A friend’s parent said it to their child about me. I noticed it was not a compliment. I wasn’t guilty of the accusation and my friend and I went…

  • Five Minutes

    Five Minutes

    This happened in 1999. I think about it pretty often. Christmas Eve. One of my favorite times of all. The Winter Solstice is warm next to this event promising rebirth. Part of my world was ending, because I was getting divorced from a relationship I’d thought was going to last our lifetimes.I’d left LA to…

  • “How Old Are You?”

    “How Old Are You?”

    In the movie “Almost Famous” the groupie and the fledging journalist attempt a taboo topic – finding out how old the other person is. I haven’t seen it for a long while but the two seesaw downward until the groupie says “The truth just sounds different.” The boy immediately says he’s a year younger still.…

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