Tag: Friday Philosophy

  • United


    Turns out, one of the United States most vocal about refusing to help other states is themselves needing help this week. Of course, sane people aren’t going to look at flat, sanded pavement where a thriving community once stood, and say “Not my problem.” Where the hell to start is the problem. Hard to rebuild […]

  • Loyalty


    We build social structures that test our failings in the hope we will overcome them. And we hope that the people who govern them see the task as a trust. We hope they will overcome temptations and rise above. It’s so hard when they fail. Some people try to take on more than anyone thought […]

  • Stress


    Watching the British royals and their ceremonies now that Queen Elizabeth has passed. A lot of tsk-ing and judgement over Charles’ irritation at a too-small table and an unweildly inkstand – a gift from Harry and William, it was said once and then never again. I watched this man struggling with things and wondered when […]

  • Moths


    Of course, yesterday’s death of Queen Elizabeth took over conversation worldwide. I thought for a while on the role thrust upon her, then, on how other people have dealt with a sudden burden. Scale may be irrelevant – I’m not done thinking about this yet. Perhaps your healthy partner suddenly needs full-time care, or, more […]