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  • ?

    What needs to happen to remind people who’ve hoarded more than they need, that they have a place in the world? What would keep them from becoming so disconnected?

  • The Great, and Beautiful, Matthew Inman explains it all

    For once I can write about someone still alive! Both off and on this petite blog, the eulogies are burnin’ a hole in me. Mr Inman is, as you may know, creator of The Oatmeal, a blog of let’s call-it wacky, finely-drawn cartoons, flaming scenes and observations. I do not know him personally, or he, […]

  • Earworms


    This week I’ve been noticing my “earworms” meaning a snippet of a song that seems to be stuck in my head, silently repeating all by itself. I started wondering if my habits do the same thing? It was impossible to make plans during lockdown. I keep thinking some variant of that is going to pop […]

  • Show Biz Kids

    Show Biz Kids

    I’ve been watching a certain celebrity’s child stuggle to do their own thing; step completely away from their parent’s fame. As their mother posts support, the kid – actually an adult – is blasted in online tabloids and loudly mocked for every misstep. I’m wondering how this will end. Other stars have kids who continue […]