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  • A Recipe for These Times

    A Recipe for These Times

    Sometimes, it seems we tilt at windmills. Other times, we sit back & watch the world argue. What’s needed during the latter times is an excellent, no-calories-withheld recipe for Stove-Top Popcorn. Here’s my own trusty method, along with my favorite supply list for excellent popcorn. This comes out much fluffier than normal, so get out…

  • Up or – up?

    Up or – up?

    I learned how to put my book on sale on my Barnes & Noble page, so hey presto – it’s on sale for a bit. Need a quick edit to the BN page as my Category choices are making us land in some yummy yoga-mummy ghetto. Live & learn. Also more learning about this here…

  • Life, Observed

    Life, Observed

    Something so delightful about living inside LA is the variety of stories people will share, after the slightest urging. A long-ish bus ride through Hollywood had one woman telling me a joke she’d learned from her now-deceased husband. The same route on a different day belongs to another woman, just happy to be opening her…

  • A Soft Yes

    A Soft Yes

    I’m out on a limb with my first book. (Have I mentioned my book? I wrote and published a book.) I get right into how the story’s gonna be told, right from Page 1. That I’m surprised at some reader’s very strong reactions shows me, I’m still habituated to the story, and didn’t calibrate my…

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