Tag: Friday Philosophy

  • Golems


    Half-remembered European lore meets mostly-remembered JRR Tolkien in my old iPad sketch, made while I was still pretty punchy, post-surgeries. The story behind it: I’d been sitting in a car at an intersection when a woman began crossing in front of me. She was extremely overweight & that was hampering her ability to move freely.…

  • Speaking in Cat

    Speaking in Cat

    This one really does belong here. It’s said that our pets don’t have a language because they don’t have a “syntax,” defined by Webster as “the way in which linguistic elements (such as words) are put together to form constituents (such as phrases or clauses).” For decades, my favorite thing to wonder has been, do…

  • Served


    In a January, 2023 article for online magazine Slate, journalist and podcast host, Mary Harris, interviews New York victim’s rights lawyer, Carrie Goldberg. “… (J)ust because you’re the victim of a crime doesn’t mean you owe society that much more of yourself. You’ve already paid through what happened to you. That wasn’t your choice. I reject…

  • Night Music

    Night Music

    The spot that launched a thousand dreams: a snowy, 1983 view of the City of Kodiak, AK from popular spot Dead man’s Curve

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