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  • Chickenman


    I touched on “Chickenman” creator Dick Orkin in my last post but I want to say a bit more about the character, and him. As I tell in my memoir Drinking the Waters at the Shores of Hell, Chickenman came on Kodiak’s sole radio station, AFRN – exactly at 0845, ten minutes after I should […]

  • Ejaculate Responsibly – Gabrielle Stanley Blair

    Ejaculate Responsibly – Gabrielle Stanley Blair

    Reading through the treasures within and happened on this debut. As a non-reproducing person, perhaps this doesn’t affect me. As a person who lives in the world, it most certainly does. I speak firsthand to the agony of being the unwanted child of a teen pregnancy in my own book, “Drinking the Waters at […]

  • Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Gimmie An “M!” aka “The More Things Change…”

    Image by Axborn for Gizmodo (See Original Article) Reading up on Mastodon today. We computer types keep learning and relearning interfaces. ICQ? AOL, anyone? I remember the dizzying possibility of worlds behind each banner of the AOL homepage, and the now-famous “Welcome!…” This was mainly how we learned, the volume on our modern mini desktop […]

  • Miss Anne Heche

    I’m always trying to get people to watch one of my all-time favorite movies, “Wag the Dog.” That it’s a pre-2000 movie is astounding, as it’s still fresh and relevant. The 1997 production was tailored, then sewn up over a fast 28 shooting days by the producing team of Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal, […]